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About me vecchio

I’m Dario! Well, that’s it, right? : P

After spending years to go on holidays always to the same places and have been nearly a dozen times in London, I finally realized that I really like to travel and see new places and now I am dedicating all my resources to make up for the lost time!

While traveling I also live exciting experiences, crossing them off of my bucket list, and this site has born?to tell you about it!

My intention is to demonstrate that everything can be done by each one of us, just believe it and make it happen!

It’s like Doc’s always saying: “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.” [Back To The Future]

Besides, I found out that making videos motivates me and my creativity, so I want to share this kind of emotions with everybody!!! Follow me?on YouTube!!! 😉

Don’t hesitate to contact me filling the form below!

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